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VW Patty Wagon joins Scooby Doo trivia Bike Ride

Downtown New Haven Green on a Friday night with a random visit to a Scooby Doo Bike Ride Event brought some interesting karma. So I happen to see this bike event posted on Facebook and thought Patty Wagon must attend. Someone gave me a blowup of scooby doo for my 60th birthday so I brought that to this event. Amazingly, Taylor and his friend live at City Point in New Haven and saw my camper pass by; they decided to title their bike event named after my camper and Scooby, I never met them until tonight. Yesterday I went to BUG CITY in Berlin, CT for some VW parts and I run into a guy who went to college with Dave, the owner of Bug City at this Scooby event. If we all take the time to talk with one another we will find the common denominators of the people connections. Embrace it. Carry on.

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Fathers Day with VW Camper memories

So it is Fathers Day and I visit my dad at the gravesite near SCSU where he got his undergrad at the then New Haven State Teachers College. It was so random that I ran into my sister Lynnes’s college friend Gail Montesi of Montesi VW. WOW! Both of our dads must have been smiling down. Dad knew I need VW stories for my blog so i am sure he pulled that one together from afar. Montesi VW stated in 1974, the same year as my camper. Go figure,
Love you dad.


City Point New Haven in VW Patty Wagon

City Point in New Haven, CT is a slice of Norman Rockwell. I so embrace just driving around on a weekend in my VW Patty Wagon camper and going to tag sales…sometimes the simple things in life are really the big things. Found a great step stool for my mom to ease into the camper….cant wait for her to try it out.