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VW Patty Wagon interviews New Haven Fire Chief Alston on his VW memories

So July 4, 2018, Patty Wagon was relaxing at her New Haven Harbour condo pool when her sister Lynne shows ups to join for a burger and a beer. Totally random, she invited PW to a picnic at Chief Alston’s with other folks who work for the City of New Haven. In true form, PW is a welcome addition to any venue as memories flow. Chief John Alston, who had two fires to deal with that day, was like a kid bursting with firework flashbacks of memories as an 11 year old. It did my heart good to see the enthusiasm in his eyes after doing his part to make New Haven a safer place to live. Patty Wagon is so much more than a vehicle to transport; it is a vehicle to transform! Let’s foster opportunities to hear about people’s background and make connections. Look for the common ground out there folks. If we take the time to listen to each other, we may open our minds and our hearts. Moments like this; priceless.


VW Patty Wagon gets Reupholstered seats and new curtains

Robert Carbone of Branford Auto and Marine Cover did an amazing job on the new front seats and the arm rests. Irene, of Irene’s Drapery Shoppe in North Branford, and her daughter Cherry, put the icing on the “cozy” cake with the new curtains. Definitely a game changer for the mobile living room and bedroom.

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VW Patty Wagon joins Scooby Doo trivia Bike Ride

Downtown New Haven Green on a Friday night with a random visit to a Scooby Doo Bike Ride Event brought some interesting karma. So I happen to see this bike event posted on Facebook and thought Patty Wagon must attend. Someone gave me a blowup of scooby doo for my 60th birthday so I brought that to this event. Amazingly, Taylor and his friend live at City Point in New Haven and saw my camper pass by; they decided to title their bike event named after my camper and Scooby, I never met them until tonight. Yesterday I went to BUG CITY in Berlin, CT for some VW parts and I run into a guy who went to college with Dave, the owner of Bug City at this Scooby event. If we all take the time to talk with one another we will find the common denominators of the people connections. Embrace it. Carry on.

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VW Patty Wagon’s random act of kindness

One doesn’t have to look far for an opportunity to engage in a random act of kindness. I was at C-Town grocery store in my neighborhood getting my two favorite men, Ben and Jerry, Cherry Garcia of course, when a brother and sister in line ahead of me couldn’t use their moms debit card. The boy was about 8 and the girl about 12. The sister ran home to get her mom; the boy stayed behind with the groceries. After 2 minutes I asked the cashier the total for their grocery bill. It was $34.20. I gave her my debit card and said it was on me. The little boy said “No Miss, No! You don’t need to do that.” I told the boy to pay it forward. Tomorrow at school be kind to someone who might be getting picked on and we will call it even. He said “Ok Miss, I will be nice to someone at school tomorrow; thank you for the groceries.”

Now this mail package was in my condo complex for about 3 weeks and was obviously going nowhere since it was delivered to the wrong street. I just assumed the package would be picked up after a certain amount of time and brought to the proper recipient. Not the case. Patty wagon to the rescue. Because of this random act of kindness, I had the pleasure of meeting Tom, an 89 year old man in my neighborhood. It was truly serendipitous. We have become friends. More to follow with Tom.

Mr Rogers Documentary is being released titled, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” What perfect timing to revisit the concept of being neighborly to one another. It doesn’t take much. Even the Ebenezer’s in our neighborhood need love too. Please write in and let me know what you have done or observed someone doing. It’s time!


Patty Wagon VW Bus final stages of restoration

Interior almost done. Yeah! Ready to rock and roll with a new stereo and 4 speakers. Looks like old school AM radio but it is bluetooth and I get phone calls through it; had to have that modern convenience, especially mapquest.

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Fathers Day with VW Camper memories

So it is Fathers Day and I visit my dad at the gravesite near SCSU where he got his undergrad at the then New Haven State Teachers College. It was so random that I ran into my sister Lynnes’s college friend Gail Montesi of Montesi VW. WOW! Both of our dads must have been smiling down. Dad knew I need VW stories for my blog so i am sure he pulled that one together from afar. Montesi VW stated in 1974, the same year as my camper. Go figure,
Love you dad.


VW Camper Restoration adding curtains

Adding curtains to a 1974 VW camper is the final step to make that living room on wheels feeling. Wasn’t sure if the flowers would clash with the plaid, but everyone seems to love it.

Peace on


RAGE in VW Patty Wagon; a whole new meaning

My sister Lynne made this video with film student Fitzgerald Wong about 8 years ago in NYC. It brought tears to my eyes, not only because that’s who she really is, but also because I envision this is how the world would be a better place; if we all took a moment to help out the brothers and sisters we don’t know. I’m not talking about BIG acts, I’m talking about those little moments in our day where if we just gave a helping hand or made a kind statement to a stranger, a random act of generous emotion would vibrate our space differently. We don’t have to look far or even look for it; the opportunities are in front of us daily.

So, because of Lynne, I am adding this “PEACE MOVEMENT” to my blog. Instead of RAGE-ing on, let’s turn RAGE into RANDOM ACTS OF GENEROUS EMOTION. I will chronicle the simplicity of the changes we can all make by using positive gestures and creating an energy shift. This is how my family has always rolled, however by capturing REAL moments, not staged for the camera, I hope to do my part to raise awareness and make the world (at least New Haven County,smile) a more harmonious place.

Feel free to add your comments of any acts you may have witnessed or one you initiated. Keep it REAL and keep it going.

Peace out and onward