1974 VW Patty Wagon Camper Visits Family in Maine

At a time when the country feels so politically divided, borderline hostile, the panacea was a trip in the classic VW Patty wagon to Maine to be with my youngest sister, my niece, and her sons; the perfect adventure for Columbus Day weekend. Typically a 3.5 hour trip ended up as a 5 hour trip, and that was sooooo ok. In this vehicle it really is about the journey almost more than, or in this case, just as valuable, as the destination. The first stop for gas brought an enthusiastic employee running outside with a real camera asking permission to photograph. Patty Wagon commands the paparazzi; its part of being in a league of her own, smile. VW campers are so much more than a cool car, they are a reminder of how life was and how life should be. My sister Carolyn works at the Portland Regency PW had to make an appearance in Portland; it is also classic. Barely exiting the VW when a baby boomer guy approached me eager to share his VW memories as a kid living in a camper in Germany with his family; his dad was in the Navy serving in Germany. Another couple from South Carolina approached the camper with the same eagerness; its a common denominator to us owners. They shared their 1982 VW stories; that’s our high. And if the VW camper high wasn’t enough, being with my sister, her husband Mike, my niece Nicolle, and holding and playing my great nephews, Harrison and Roman, made the fall leaves feel even brighter. Priceless!


  1. Carolyn Carolyn

    What a great video Patricia. Loved having you in Maine and the PW is great! ❤️✌️

  2. Margreth Margreth

    Am almost envious of your trip up to Maine. “Almost” only because Southern California is hard to beat. But being with Carolyn beats a lot of things – even in Southern California.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    Your camper always attracts attention which leads to great stories. It’s all so remarkable just seeing the enthusiasm of others, the stories, the thumbs up, the picture taking, smiles etc. Kudos to you Patty!!!!

    • Patty Nicolari Patty Nicolari

      Since this post is anonmymous I don’t know who wrote it. Mine is also coming out anonymous when it should say Patty wagon. Hmmmm my web guy Daniel…I need help!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous

    Loved the journey and the destination sis. xo

  5. Gary Montesi Gary Montesi

    Nice to see the Patty Wagon gets around !

  6. Anonymous Anonymous

    Nice to meet you and the Patty Wagon at the car show in Old Saybrook – reminds me of the old sod…
    John O

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