Month: September 2018

VW Patty Wagon embraces family camping memories

Hearing random people enthusiastically share their moments about quality time with their family, in a VW camper, is priceless. People who have a history with VWs almost have difficulty catching their breath when they see a VW camper. It is like a kaleidoscope of memories are flooding their brain and heart; they are back in a time warp. Dave and Jane both had their own memories with VWs as they eagerly saw the patty wagon and ran over to share their experiences. Dave owned one in the 70’s as a teen and Jane as a kid in the 60’s with her a family. She can still recall the day her dad brought it home. And to boot, she was able to access a family photo from the 60’s in the VW bus. I guess technology has its place for that perk. Rick and his daughter Julie saw the patty wagon in downtown New Haven. This vehicle is one of those exceptions that when people are looking in the windows, its cool. Rick works for Yale and owned 3 VW Campers in his life. His daughter Julie was visiting from Boston and was also able to quickly access two of the three VW campers, one from her childhood and the one they presently own. Svenia and Zach are from Germany. They were involved with the kayaking event for the International Festival in New Haven, which landed them at City Point on the New Haven Harbor. They saw Patty wagon and immediately shared their story of family life with their kids and two large dogs. As parents, they realize the value in having kids put technology away and talk face to face, play games as a family, draw, and eat together. To find value and contentment is this tight space; priceless. Peace on.