Month: October 2018

VW ‘74 patty wagon Meet more people with VW adventures to share

It’s the law of attraction happening as in The Secret, along with Kevin Costner’s movie line, build it and they will come. The secret to connecting with like-minded people is to be the person you want to attract. The passion continues with random people approaching this camper and sharing their life experiences and enthusiasm involving classic VW memories. I do not even need to search for folks, I simply park patty wagon, sit back, and I’m approached; it’s a beautiful thing! More people need to start coming with me on this journey. Be prepared, because to wholeheartedly embrace the experience, you must be a shining light, you must truly seek the goodness in people, and you must be willing to embellish their enthusiasm as they try to catch their breath sharing their story. Buckle Up! Journey On, Peace On.

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1974 VW Patty Wagon Camper Visits Family in Maine

At a time when the country feels so politically divided, borderline hostile, the panacea was a trip in the classic VW Patty wagon to Maine to be with my youngest sister, my niece, and her sons; the perfect adventure for Columbus Day weekend. Typically a 3.5 hour trip ended up as a 5 hour trip, and that was sooooo ok. In this vehicle it really is about the journey almost more than, or in this case, just as valuable, as the destination. The first stop for gas brought an enthusiastic employee running outside with a real camera asking permission to photograph. Patty Wagon commands the paparazzi; its part of being in a league of her own, smile. VW campers are so much more than a cool car, they are a reminder of how life was and how life should be. My sister Carolyn works at the Portland Regency PW had to make an appearance in Portland; it is also classic. Barely exiting the VW when a baby boomer guy approached me eager to share his VW memories as a kid living in a camper in Germany with his family; his dad was in the Navy serving in Germany. Another couple from South Carolina approached the camper with the same eagerness; its a common denominator to us owners. They shared their 1982 VW stories; that’s our high. And if the VW camper high wasn’t enough, being with my sister, her husband Mike, my niece Nicolle, and holding and playing my great nephews, Harrison and Roman, made the fall leaves feel even brighter. Priceless!


VW Patty Wagon meets Wayne Carini and Mike Brewer at classic car show

As a baby boomer from 1958, I am wholeheartedly embracing this new chapter of the Patty Wagon Adventures life. Who would think I would end up going to classic car shows; not me. Yet, here I am, letting the journey be my guide. I work for a non-profit in New Haven. My job as the CCP Director of Mentoring involves recruiting volunteer mentors to work with kids, ages 10-21, in foster care and/or on probation. Attending a meeting at Klingberg in New Britain, also a program for youth, brought me face to face with a poster in the lobby about the Klingberg Classic Car Show in a few days. As I entered the meeting I was joking with my colleagues how everyone kept telling me I need to meet Wayne Carini, that he is right here in Portland, CT and HE is THE CLASSIC CAR GUY to meet. And now a poster with his name; universe and kismet factor. With tongue in cheek, I proclaimed that my goal was to get a photo with Wayne Carini by my VW patty wagon for my blog. With Lucille Ball being my MO, all smiled and knew I would somehow achieve my spirited goal. As I entered the parking lot and observed the 1908 Rolls Royce, the Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Wooden Station Wagons from the 30 and 40’s, with humility and humor, I stated to the man taking my $10 entrance fee, “I think I am out of my league here.” With smiles and reassurance, I was directed to the area with the other wagons. Ironically, there was always a crowd around the VW camper. Young families were especially drawn to it as they envisioned themselves having quality family time together. Families asked if they could sit in it; I let kids climb on the upper loft bed with the top popped. COOL! The echoes of kids begging their parents to buy one was refreshing. Two hours later a gentleman approached me stating I won one of the car awards. In disbelief, thinking he was joking, he explained they allowed kids (since Klingberg is a kids organization) to select their favorite; hands down it was VW patty wagon. I can still hear the words, “Patty, pull your camper behind the Ferrari; we are lining the winners up in a row.” Smile. Not only did Wayne Carini, from Chasing Classic Cars TV Show, hand me the award, Mike Brewer from England’s TV show, Wheeler Dealers, also was in the kodak moment. Goal “on steroids” achieved. While the overall winner was the $2,000,000 Rolls Royce from 1909 driven by Jerry Chase, as seen in this video, I can still feel his passion as he reminisced about his VW bus memories. So what really is value? His VW memories are priceless. My take away, never see yourself as less-than. Also Priceless. Carpe Diem.