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VW T2 Patty Wagon in the New Haven St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Let your sham rock! With Yale University as the backdrop for the New Haven Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, Patty Wagon could not have felt more nostalgic. Yes Yale’s been around since 1701 and Patty Wagon only since 1974, but nonetheless, nostalgic. Sporting a sea-foam green exterior complemented by an Irish plaid interior, a shamrock on the VW emblem greeting the parade goers, add some some dangling shamrocks lighting up the front and rear windshields, and throw in a ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’ flag along her side, and she’s parade ready. Being a classic VW camper, the addition of a grateful dead skeleton on top wearing a tie-dye shirt (thank you Thimble Island Brewery), a green bandana, and holding a blowup guitar, had to send flashbacks to our Woodstock survivors. And, no parade is complete without the enthusiasm of those marching in the entourage. Originally, an eager list of 25 marchers donning hippy or disco fever attire, quickly drizzled down, pun intended, to four, due to the weather, with the only unconditional commitment from my 80-year-old mother in the company of her O’buddy leprechaun who, as Attorney Dillon wisely stated, has an amazing social life hanging out with Judy O’Larkin. Creedence Clearwater tunes belted out the camper as we sauntered down Chapel Street with four dedicated neighbors marching along side in the cold rain. Through the cacophony of the parade a voice can be heard screaming down Chapel “Here comes the patty wagon;” as I spy my sister Lynne with enough enthusiasm to fill Giant Stadium. As she quickly grabbed a blowup guitar from the pile of parade parafinalia, Patty Wagon had a smirk knowing this was a party all by itself! And whether there were two people on the parade sidelines or the Channel 8 TV cameras, the enthusiasm was the same, all sister triggered; priceless. Attorney Dillon must’ve been smiling as he saw O’ Buddy once again, with another public appearance; this time on TV. Patty Wagon is already making plans for what she’s going to wear in 2020. Who’s in? Join the peace train!

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VW Patty Wagon Attends Taylor Dayne Concert

VW Patty Wagon attends the amazing Taylor Dayne Concert on the New Haven Green on July 28, 2018. Can’t believe Taylor is 57 years old; way to represent. Ran into Juan, one of my mechanics for PW, and his wife at the concert. My sister’s friend Nancy, a proper woman from Simsbury, always buckles up when with the Nic Chics sisters Thelma and Louise. Michelle joined in the festivities and helped video tape patty and the impromptu guitar jam. Notice the guys in the background also feeling groovy, smile. Those blow-up guitars end up adding so much to a party. My sister Lynne gave me 12 of them for my birthday; best gift ever. lol. Also ran into Ryan Kristafer from Ch 8’s In Style AM Show. I had the pleasure of being a guest on his show when I was talking about a mentoring program for at-risk youth on probation and in foster care. While having a grand time, the police approached the patty wagon and her she had to turn and face the proper way. Disappointed, since my middle name is Thelma (kidding) and now the slider door would be facing the street versus the green, thus she lowered the camper roof and moved down the street. PW ended up closer to the stage; the luck of the Irish. My friend Lisamarie and I got up front and center, thanks Lynne, as we and ended up with a selfie with Taylor Dayne and an autographed blowup guitar. Priceless times.


VW Westfalia Patty Wagon Adventure attends first classic car doo wop in North Haven

Patty Wagon attended her first classic car show in North Haven and surprisingly won an award for favorite car, selected by a young boy. Of course he was thinking of the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine;
smile. The music was awesome, people were helpful, and everyone loved the patty wagon because they are rare on the east coast. Ah and the random adventures continue. Peace on.