Classic VW camper patty wagon meets another classic VW camper and a random holiday moment in New Haven

Driving through New Haven with my 90-year-old friend Tom out to see the New Haven Christmas Tree brought us to Yorkside Pizza for a bite. While parked across the street, little did I know a family, also doing the same holiday spirit run in a 1970 VW bus, was eager to meet the patty wagon. Determined, they drove around the block four times hoping our paths would cross. As I drive down the street after having a slice of pizza and Tom had a bowl of soup, I look ahead shrieking with excitement as I gazed ahead at this camper decorated with the old fashion big lightbulbs pulled off to the side of the road; it was like a mirage. My visceral reaction highlighted to me how others respond when they see my camper; it truly brings out the best in people. Meeting Eric, his wife Valerie and their son Ethan, brought out the best in me that night. Earlier in the day friends and neighbors at City Point joined in on the excitement in the holiday decorated patty wagon. Jonathan, Michael, Daniel, Garrett, Doug, Kelley, Lisa and Jim, all embracing the spirit of the holiday season.

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