Five Shades of Gray

Spending time with my three sisters will always be one of life’s simplest, yet greatest pleasures. Add my mother to the scene, and we create our own lifetime show. Reliving memories over and over and never getting tired of them, starting with, “Do you guys remember…” “No I don’t remember this one”…wink wink, even though its been told 25 times, yet we share, we listen, we genuinely laugh as it were the first time. Sometimes we laugh so hard tears run down our legs, smile. Priceless. Puberty stories such as “Aim towards your rear end Patty,” will be forever be imbedded in my mind on my journey towards womanhood as I was being coached from outside the bathroom, by my mother and aunt, on how to use a tampon for the first time; all so I could join my three sisters swimming. Add some good wine to the conversation and the guffaws amplify. Exiting the bathroom walking like I just got off a horse made me dread the next 35 years; clearly I didn’t aim properly. Then Lisa chimes in with her tampon story…..”how does this work anyhow?” We all roared laughing at the line, she used it like a pad. Through the years we continue to create priceless memories individually, and collectively as sisters, especially as we navigate into our silver years. Now facing our 60’s, with Carolyn, the youngest, holding out at 59, twins Lynn and Lisa at 60, and me at 61, is the decision to go gray and stop dying our hair. This pattywagonadventure, though simple, captures the essence of what it is like spending time with my amazing sisters and mother…truly blessed. Oh…and you have yet to hear about my sisters kids and grandkids. Beyond priceless.


  1. I love this! Sisters are the best.

    • Patty Nicolari Patty Nicolari

      Thanks Connie…its a special bond as you know.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    Simply wonderful. Proud of you cuz.

  3. Gerry Zarrilli Gerry Zarrilli

    Wonderful, cuz! So proud of the Larkin “way!”

  4. Shelley Shelley

    Loved this post Patty, and seeing your gorgeous sisters and mom laughing together in the Wagon. I will follow your journey with interest. I’m not ready to go down that road yet but admire those who are. Lots of love Shelley

    • Patty Nicolari Patty Nicolari

      Hi Shelley…thanks for your feedback. The wagon is great space for chats. Hope you are ok in Australia with all those fires.

  5. Margreth Margreth

    Go girls – go grey. It is extremely liberating, as I found out. After years of dying my hair, I finally decided to go grey a year ago. Haven’t regretted it one second. Au contraire ……living in L.A., I discovered, my grey look is very “in” here.

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