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VW Camper Restoration adding curtains

Adding curtains to a 1974 VW camper is the final step to make that living room on wheels feeling. Wasn’t sure if the flowers would clash with the plaid, but everyone seems to love it.

Peace on


RAGE in VW Patty Wagon; a whole new meaning

My sister Lynne made this video with film student Fitzgerald Wong about 8 years ago in NYC. It brought tears to my eyes, not only because that’s who she really is, but also because I envision this is how the world would be a better place; if we all took a moment to help out the brothers and sisters we don’t know. I’m not talking about BIG acts, I’m talking about those little moments in our day where if we just gave a helping hand or made a kind statement to a stranger, a random act of generous emotion would vibrate our space differently. We don’t have to look far or even look for it; the opportunities are in front of us daily.

So, because of Lynne, I am adding this “PEACE MOVEMENT” to my blog. Instead of RAGE-ing on, let’s turn RAGE into RANDOM ACTS OF GENEROUS EMOTION. I will chronicle the simplicity of the changes we can all make by using positive gestures and creating an energy shift. This is how my family has always rolled, however by capturing REAL moments, not staged for the camera, I hope to do my part to raise awareness and make the world (at least New Haven County,smile) a more harmonious place.

Feel free to add your comments of any acts you may have witnessed or one you initiated. Keep it REAL and keep it going.

Peace out and onward


City Point New Haven in VW Patty Wagon

City Point in New Haven, CT is a slice of Norman Rockwell. I so embrace just driving around on a weekend in my VW Patty Wagon camper and going to tag sales…sometimes the simple things in life are really the big things. Found a great step stool for my mom to ease into the camper….cant wait for her to try it out.


Good Vibrations

You are here….Groovy!

Welcome to my blog. My name is Patty Nic. I am the proud owner of a 1974 VW Westfalia Camper. As a baby boomer, I was yearning to return to a time when life was simple. The days of growing up on our dead-end street in the 60s, playing kickball, selling lemonade, climbing rocks, putting on “The Sound of Music” type plays in the backyard with my 3 sisters, and charging the neighbors 25 cents to see us… type simplicity. The urge to revisit those feelings brought me to September 23, 2016, when I impulsively went on e-bay and purchased my “Patty Wagon.”

I loved the color so… SOLD!

Everyone thought I was crazy to buy something without even seeing or driving it. I did say impulsive, right? There comes a time in life when we do need to just JUMP (as Steve Harvey likes to say) I jumped. It was the BEST decision I made in a long time. I own a condo on the water, a Mercedes Benz, I’ve traveled to Europe, Africa, and Australia, been guests on TV shows such as Steve Harvey and Dr. Oz, and yet, I am happiest when driving my VW Camper. Every cell in my body is content and at peace. Not only am I happy, it became very clear that Patty Wagon also brings out the BEST in everybody that I meet along my adventures.

Living in New Haven, Connecticut, where Yale puts us on the map, brings an interesting mix of cultures. From young kids who see my VW Camper as the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, to the Woodstock survivors, and everyone in-between….teens, college kids and pre-baby boomers; all give me thumbs up, a smile, a beep, or want their photo taken with the “Patty Wagon,” which got me to envision how this camper brings out the best in our community…so I wanted to share this good vibration with the world via my blog.

So follow me as I chronicle, not only the refurbishing of my camper, but my adventures of meeting people, going places, doing random acts of kindness, and sharing stories that bring people to their “happy place.” In a world of stress, I am doing my part of starting a peace movement…all through the (eyes) and windshield of my Patty Wagon VW camper.

Peace out…and onward.