Patty Wagon meets International VW Enthusiasts at City Point Kitchen in New Haven

Paraphrasing a line in the movie, Field of Dreams, “Build it and he/they will come,” this VW patty wagon is all that.

Happy, enthusiastic, genuine people are drawn to this VW as it evokes so many memories, or simply, curiosity. Spending much of my weekend next door at City Point Kitchen, a quaint New Haven Restaurant next to Shell & Bones on the New Haven Harbor, is such a perfect spot to meet interesting people. C’mon down. Over one weekend, Patty Wagon met siblings from Venezuela on a bike tour along the water. They saw the VW and were taking photos as my 90 year old friend Tom, played his ukulele. At the picnic bench were three visitors speaking German. They were on their way from Boston to NYC and stopped at the half way point, New Haven, for breakfast. They were eager to see the VW Westfalia and were proud it is German vehicle. Such an interesting trio. Auf wiedersehen meine Freunde. The following day, Tim was at the same outdoor picnic bench reading a book in German. This piqued my interest; we chatted. I would not have known Tim was, not only my condo neighbor, but a VW enthusiast with a story about his parents owning one, if a conversation wasn’t initiated. Tim’s parents bought one in Germany from the fire department; go figure. Thanks Tim. Another happy camper, Ben from England, was eager to share his feelings about being a 14 year old boy in England and wanting one of these VW’s as he observed car shows in Waterloo, London. Thanks Ben.

The more seasoned I become the more I realize the big moments in life are really the little moments. Introduce yourself, start a conversation, meet your neighbor. Peace on.


  1. Frank Lobo Frank Lobo

    That is a wonderful series of encounters! Go Patty Wagon!

    • Patty Nicolari Patty Nicolari

      Thank you so much Frank. Love City Point, my slice of Norman Rockwell in New Haven,

  2. Judy Larkin Nicolari Judy Larkin Nicolari

    Very nice!!! From what I see when I’m around the Pattywagon is the happiness that is on full display such as thumbs up, the peace sign, people wanting to sit inside and the great conversations that center around it. A lady at the Pequonnock yacht club pulled out a picture of her family standing outside their camper dating back to the 60’s. She was so pleased to share that memory with us!!!

    • Patty Nicolari Patty Nicolari

      I am so touched that my mom loves the patty wagon experience, no AC, weak seat belts, no power steering, loud when windows open on the highway; a real trooper. But, she is a people person; and there you have it!

  3. Margreth Margreth

    Too bad I missed these Germans. And who is your neighbor reading a German book? Another German at Harbour Landing????
    Could be soon ‘the invasion’

    • Patty Nicolari Patty Nicolari

      I know Margreth, you would have loved chatting in German.

  4. Lorie Lorie

    Spreading good will along the waterfront to all…the Patty Wagon being the ice breaker! Life’s big moments are indeed the small ones…

  5. Patty Patty

    You get it Lorie. Come on down to city point kitchen with your wife one weekend. You’ll see what I mean.

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