RAGE in VW Patty Wagon; a whole new meaning

My sister Lynne made this video with film student Fitzgerald Wong about 8 years ago in NYC. It brought tears to my eyes, not only because that’s who she really is, but also because I envision this is how the world would be a better place; if we all took a moment to help out the brothers and sisters we don’t know. I’m not talking about BIG acts, I’m talking about those little moments in our day where if we just gave a helping hand or made a kind statement to a stranger, a random act of generous emotion would vibrate our space differently. We don’t have to look far or even look for it; the opportunities are in front of us daily.

So, because of Lynne, I am adding this “PEACE MOVEMENT” to my blog. Instead of RAGE-ing on, let’s turn RAGE into RANDOM ACTS OF GENEROUS EMOTION. I will chronicle the simplicity of the changes we can all make by using positive gestures and creating an energy shift. This is how my family has always rolled, however by capturing REAL moments, not staged for the camera, I hope to do my part to raise awareness and make the world (at least New Haven County,smile) a more harmonious place.

Feel free to add your comments of any acts you may have witnessed or one you initiated. Keep it REAL and keep it going.

Peace out and onward


  1. Judy Larkin Nicolari Judy Larkin Nicolari

    I will never forget Police Chief Campbell’s act of kindness with me immediately following an “act of kindness” program held at City Hall, introduced by Mayor Toni Harp. My daughter Lynne has it on video so perhaps she’ll post it on Patty’s blog.

  2. Lynne Lynne

    You are such a fabulous writer, Pat! Looking forward to more RAGING in the WGN. Xo

    • Patty Patty

      Bring it on sis …love you! Maybe someday We will get our kicks on Route 66. Need to get the engine rebuilt before that LOL

  3. Linda Linda

    Patty I totally agree. Small acts of kindness change the world as dramatically if not more than large ones. Nothing is more powerful than a personal experience.
    Keep going kiddo!!

    • Patty Nic Patty Nic

      Thanks so much Linda; it feels good to see the good in people.

  4. I love this!! I’m so excited to see your adventures 🙂 maybe we can collaborate soon!

    • Patty Nicolari Patty Nicolari

      Thanks soooo much Lauren; this is your field so that means the world, the one in which you seem to have already traveled…lol.

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