VW Camper Restoration adding curtains

Adding curtains to a 1974 VW camper is the final step to make that living room on wheels feeling. Wasn’t sure if the flowers would clash with the plaid, but everyone seems to love it.

Peace on


  1. Gail M. Siclari Gail M. Siclari

    How “Funny” to seen you today paying respects to our Dads…. with all the “coincidences” that happened today when I saw you And after I left I just watched your blog and add this one to the list…..my Moms name is Irene,!!!!!!!!
    I have passed Irenes drapery shop/house many times including today.
    If you every comes across anyone with a VW camper lunch box let me know, it brings back childhood memories when my Dad opened Montesi Volkswagen in West Haven, Ct…..if I had only saved mine!!!!!!!!

    • Patty Nicolari Patty Nicolari

      I will absolutely be on the look out for a VW Bus lunchbox Gail. And I hope all those who read my blog will do so as well. Love how the world is truly connected; if we pay attention we will see it.

  2. Gail Gail


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