VW Patty Wagon Attends Taylor Dayne Concert

VW Patty Wagon attends the amazing Taylor Dayne Concert on the New Haven Green on July 28, 2018. Can’t believe Taylor is 57 years old; way to represent. Ran into Juan, one of my mechanics for PW, and his wife at the concert. My sister’s friend Nancy, a proper woman from Simsbury, always buckles up when with the Nic Chics sisters Thelma and Louise. Michelle joined in the festivities and helped video tape patty and the impromptu guitar jam. Notice the guys in the background also feeling groovy, smile. Those blow-up guitars end up adding so much to a party. My sister Lynne gave me 12 of them for my birthday; best gift ever. lol. Also ran into Ryan Kristafer from Ch 8’s In Style AM Show. I had the pleasure of being a guest on his show when I was talking about a mentoring program for at-risk youth on probation and in foster care. While having a grand time, the police approached the patty wagon and her she had to turn and face the proper way. Disappointed, since my middle name is Thelma (kidding) and now the slider door would be facing the street versus the green, thus she lowered the camper roof and moved down the street. PW ended up closer to the stage; the luck of the Irish. My friend Lisamarie and I got up front and center, thanks Lynne, as we and ended up with a selfie with Taylor Dayne and an autographed blowup guitar. Priceless times.


  1. Lynne Nicolari Lynne Nicolari

    Flattering pic of our uvulas. Great time and GLAD you got the autograph! And glad you didn’t need bail money. Yesireee, it was indeed a PW adventure!!

    • Patty Nicolari Patty Nicolari

      sis..loved your line of singing Taylor Dayne’s song, so cute. Yes no bail money needed. You know I love and respect the NHPD; I was so disappointed we had to move, especially so many were parked wrong…I was just the wrong way, smile.

  2. Lorie Lorie

    Never knew that was a blow up guitar…”Thelma”!

    • Patty Nicolari Patty Nicolari

      Lynne gave me 12 of those for my birthday and we have so much fun with them. Remember last year my twin sisters and I, with our blow up guitars, ended up in the newspaper with the Bernadettes at Nolan Field?

  3. Gina Gina


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