VW Patty Wagon Meets New Haven People for the Adventure part 1

VW Patty Wagon brings a smile to the faces of many New Haven people. From family and friends, such as Richard and Janice, Beth, Michelle and Zoe (the dog version), Natasha, and niece Leah, to Pequannock Yacht Club members, to random folks PW runs into like the peace T-shirt guy happens to be Vinnie Penn from WELI and author, to business owners like as Bruce and Cathy of Café Java, Tony and his wife Anna of the Greek Olive, Vincent Ferrucci, of Ferrucci Men’s Clothing, to the world famous chef Franco from Shell and Bones, and former owner of Sage, David McCoart, now consulting chef for Gateway Community College Foundation, to City Point Kitchen’s Jeff and my sister Lisa, former New Haven Mayor, John DeStefano, Jr., and some yoga buddies Delia and her husband Marty, along with Fred, who at 73 and does yoga almost daily; I tell him he looks like Steve Harvey! More to follow in part 2.


  1. Judy Larkin Nicolari Judy Larkin Nicolari

    Tastefully done!!!! Looking forward to the next adventure.

  2. Gina Gina

    So much fun…you have found yet another way to spread joy 💓🙏👍😘

  3. Cathy Cathy

    Thank you Patty! Much LOVE from Cafe Java!!!✌❤😁

    • Patty Nicolari Patty Nicolari

      Cathy thank you so much for your support. I mention Café Java OMG I said Bravo (will change) in my latest blog story as well.

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