VW Patty Wagon overnight trip to MA for family gathering part 1

Quality family time; priceless. My nephew Taylor is getting married to Emily in September, both Hamilton College grads, so this was his fiancé’s bridal shower in her hometown in Hingham, MA. My sister Lynne rented an Airbnb for the family while my accommodations were in the VW patty wagon. The patty wagon also made for an extended outdoor living room for happy hour as my mom and two aunts thoroughly enjoyed the comfort of the living room while being outdoors. While my nieces Leah and Kelly, along with my nephew Taylor threw the frisbee around (of course the camper comes equipped with a frisbee), my sister Lynne, because she is 59 and has many more years of frisbee throwing experience, represented in that event. My mother sang a song at the shower to the tune of Hey! Look Me Over by Lucille Ball. For 50 years she has been rewriting the words to parallel the event, whether a birthday, wedding, shower, retirement party, whatever, my mom, a former Sweet Adeline’s Director, has the song to sing; we have all come to expect it. An event wouldn’t be the same without it. We all had beads on and couldn’t say the word WEDDING or we would lose our beads, so my niece offered to say that word during her Nana’s song to her grandson to spare her beads from being taken. Side note, Emily and Taylor asked my mom to be the flower girl in their wedding, yes, at 79 years old, the flower girl. After the shower, off to celebrate my moms sister’s 88th birthday. See part 2 of patty wagon adventures with Aunt Elise, patty wagon, and the comforter aka soco southern comfort. Love my Irish family.


  1. Gina Gina

    How wonderful! And you slept in the Wagon, Patty, how cool 👍

  2. Lynne Lynne

    I will vouch that the PW totally made our outdoor living room complete! So cozy!!

  3. Judy Larkin Nicolari Judy Larkin Nicolari

    Patty, that was all so great!!! How do you get to part 2?

    • Patty Nicolari Patty Nicolari

      to be continued soon mother…

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